Jamaroos Musical ABCs makes learning phonics, letters, and words lots of fun!

Iggy Learning’s newest app, Jamaroos Musical ABCs, is now available on the App Store℠, Google Play™, Kindle Fire™, and NOOK® by Barnes and Noble.

Jamaroos Musical ABCs

**Created by award-winning animator
**Based on Phonetics Language Curriculum developed by preschool educators

Who knew animals were such talented musicians? Jamaroos Musical ABCs’ adorable menagerie of 26 animal characters—one for each letter of the alphabet—comes to life with enchanting animated musical performances. A medley of phonetic sounds, letters, words, stackable images, and music—plus loads of interactive touch points and zany sound effects, spring forth from each page to jumpstart preschoolers’ reading and vocabulary skills and stimulate their imagination. Packed with hidden surprises and hundreds of opportunities to tap, drag, swipe and learn, this captivating educational experience will keep kids entertained for hours.

• Engaging learning of alphabet letters with animals, musical instruments, words, and images
• 26 vividly illustrated and animated animal performances, with each letter character playing original music on their own special instrument
• 104 vocabulary words chosen to help users develop phonetic correctness and prepare preschoolers to learn to read
• 416 movable and stackable icons to illustrate words, strengthen fine motor skills, and provide hours of educational play
• Audio pronunciation to reinforce phonetic sounds, letters, and words
• Fun and surprising interactive elements and sound effects to discover on each page
• Musical instrument descriptions to provide background on both familiar and exotic instruments
• Music and sound on/off settings
• No in-app purchases or advertising

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