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Info & Booking: office@soundwave.rs

RECORDING DATE: 1. Jul. 2013.
TRACKLIST: not available / do not ask
DOWNLOAD: soundwave.rs/LNS/5

Pioneer CDJ-350 (x2)
Pioneer CDJ-400k Limited
Music Source: CD's
Recording Device: DJM-850 Sound Card + Sound Forge
Monitoring: ESI nEar 08
Headphones: Sennheiser HD-25 Adidas

DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this Youtube channel is to provide viewers with fresh new music and promote the work of the artist(s). The channel was created for personal enjoyment and we do not take credit or make money from the artists work. We try to add download links to Beatport/iTunes/Juno etc. where possible to help promote the sale of the artists work. Please feel free to contact us if you are unhappy with any particular video upload and we will be happy to take it down, rather than reporting the whole group as this will take away people's enjoyment of other videos across the channel. Thank You***

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