We concepted, scripted, directed and cut "Close Call," one in a series of :30 PSAs for the NHTSA and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, co-producing with KGW-TV. Key components of the "Decide to Ride" safety campaign, the PSAs were crafted to encourage safe bike-car interactions and the joys of pedaling in general. A detailed report prepared by MetaResource Group called the campaign a success, concluding that

"An estimated 208,000 drivers and cyclists in Oregon had a specific recollection of some element of the ... Campaign. Not only did respondents say they had seen the PSAs, a number of them also provided clear verbal descriptions of PSA content. This accounted for 16% of the responses in the midcourse survey and 15% for the final survey. Another large group, accounting for 36% of responses for the midcourse survey and 45% for the final survey, recalled some specific elements of the campaign."

"Close Call" shows that the infamous California stop isn't limited to commuters with four wheels, focusiing on the importance of stopping at stoplights, but almost
more importantly, at stop signs too.

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