An excerpt from Rev. Bush's sermon:

... But it still raises an interesting question: What happens when God tell us “No”?

That’s not a question we think about too often. We like the idea of a God who always says “Yes”; who answers every prayer and grants our every wish. But no loving parent will always, always say “Yes” to her or his child. And God is a loving parent. We’ll come back to this question in a minute.

There are times in all our lives when we are told “No.” Friends will tell you “No.” Your spouse, your partner, your kids, your boss will tell you “No.” Your checkbook, your calendar, your doctor, your car mechanic will tell you “No.” We may well wish for things to be one way, but not all wishes come true. As much as we long to hear “Yes, that is possible”, the truthful response sometimes is “No, I’m afraid that won’t work.”

View the video for the sermon (Duration ~15 minutes)

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