From Choreographer Vincent Hardy:
At this time in my life I am fascinated by the Sacred dancer
who presents his or her body as a holy vessel to God. My work leads
both the dancer and the viewer to new understandings of religious
and spiritual realities. I believe that dance can become a tool of
preaching the gospel of Jesus. In this work my goal was to capture
the expressions of surrendering your whole body to God, confessing
that Jesus is lord, and accepting Christ into one’s life. I set out to Use
create movement that represents the constant struggle that Christians go through in life when battling the sins that keep them from being the man or woman God created them to be. This work ultimately shows the journey of one who walks the path of righteousness, dying to their old selves and being born again to reach their true self and live eternally with God in Heaven.
John 14:6 "I am the way and the truth and the life.”

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