THE KISS (2014)
Clarissa Ribeiro

Javiera Tejerina-Risso | Diego Ortiz

Couples are invited to perform a nonlocal kiss. Standing face to face, on the top of two different glass platforms where 12 (twelve) piezo films are installed. The sensors are located in the acupressure reflex points in the planar region of the feet. These points are related to body organs associated to the experience of being in love – the eyes, in the region close to the fingers; heart, liver, stomach, and lung, in the region related to the solar plexus; and the lower pelvic organs.

The emotion of love causes the solar plexus to become active, which in turn influences the action of glands which produce a vibratory effect on certain organs of the body which creates passion – this is the door into the center of our being. Using Reflexology techniques, it is possible to interfere in the body energy.

In the installation, body subtle vibrations are captured by the piezoelectric generators’ network and emerge as interferences in the transparence of live video. The images are captured by two webcams installed onto the shoulders of the couple. Another webcam is capturing the entire scene. The code designed for the Processing platform mix and interlace the images.

Despite the performers are actually kissing or not, the kiss is being performed in the projection - a reference to the decay of the wave function in quantum mechanics, as theorized by Erwin Schrödinger. ‘The Kiss’, is an invitation to think about quantum non-local connectedness – a property of a quantum mechanical state of a system of two or more objects in which the quantum states of the constituting objects are linked together even if the individual objects are spatially apart.

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