Continued from Mark1i. Still on how Mark plays to Isaiah 53 and Matthew, all at once. It will be awhile until the next Episode; perhaps a month or two. I need to figure out how to explain and rewrite the Word doc about Mark's meter, in light of the other NT books' meter, like Jude and 2 Timothy, which Mark also plays on.

Since Mark's meter is precedented on Luke and Matthew's, you'll need to know their meters. Mark directly tags Luke's meter with Mark's '14', and directly tags Matthew's 427 meter with Mark's ending 56, which is also the same as Luke's first meter.

However, since by tagging Matthew, Mark effectively directs the reader back to the Temple In Trouble period in the 400's BC, the Matthew tag is first. The double 56 that effectively results from tagging Luke's first meter with Mark's last, evokes the imminent Temple Down for the second Temple, which actually happened on a 56+56 schedule from Passover to 9th Av, in 70 AD. To the Day.

But it had not happened YET, when Mark wrote, so if enough folks VOTED well, it could have been delayed or even stopped. So Mark first tagged Luke's 56 with '14', to 'complete' the 'vote' (into a 70). Thus the reader could readily understand: 427+56 in Matthew, took the reader back to the VOTING PERIOD related to Nehemiah (as backdrop to that book); then could more easily identify with the parallel VOTING PERIOD at the time Mark wrote, while Jerusalem is surrounded by armies. Rehearsal for the actual Tribulation, to illustrate it. With real lives at stake.

Of course, in hindsight we could learn that lesson, too. For the real Tribulation, is yet future.

To see Matthew's meter, and how to know it's provably the first Gospel, even by the dateline meter alone: . Associated pdf, used in those videos: ; or .doc, if you have Bibleworks fonts to read it (not Unicode).

For Luke: , but start with 'Jim7' and then go sequentially. That series is about James' meter, but while doing it I realized he was keying off Luke. Turns out Luke's meter and even his entire gospel outline, is keyed to the meter in the Magnificat. So the 'jim' videos beginning at jim7, go through the Luke meter and outline connection.

Download the Mark Revised doc, showing the 14, 28, 42, 56 meter changes: . I've NOT yet changed the notes. It will be awhile, before the notes match video content, sorry! A German site presents an intriguing alternative idea of Mark's meter, which is more classical, . By contrast, this channel focuses on Bible's OWN meter style, apart from human culture.

For Luke (still being edited, so only the meter shows, no notes): .

File Name: MarkMetered1j.avi,2/3/14.

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