I was hired by Aixsponza as texturing and shading artist.
The project was done Vray for C4D 1.8. I was responsible for about 90% of the texturing and shading of the Cars, Drivers and Gear (Helmets & Clothing).

I used my physical plausible shading work flow for all of the materials.

It was great fun working with the Aixponza team for 2.5 months and a great project to work on.

I hope you enjoy the result!

Client: Red Bull Media House
Production Company & Agency: Peter Clausen Film & TV Produktions GmbH
Director & Producer: Peter Clausen
Line Producer: Cecilia Trück
Voice-Over: Sebastian Vettel & Daniel Ricciardo VFX Director / Editing: Christian Tyroller
VFX Supervisor / CD: Manuel Casasola Merkle
Head of 3D Production: Matthias Zabiegly
3D Artists: Leonhard Akinbiyi, Elisabeth Schlichtner, Jens Kindler, Michael Haupt, Jörg Vogel, Sven Mai, Holger Aumüller, Christian Freisleder, Lars Korb, Stefan Voigt, Holger Biebrach, Simon Fiedler, Patrick Hecht
Junior 3D Artist: Thilo Seifert
Animators: Philipp Strasser, Christian Scheck, Christian Lachenschmidt
FX: Fuat Yüksel
Supervisor Car Asset: Holger Aumüller
Shading Artist: Raphael Rau
CAD & Modeling: Christian Förg, Maruan Attia, Markus Sick
Rigging: Jörg Vogel
Tracking: Johannes Weiss
Rotoscope: Manuel Voss
Compositing: Alexander Gabrysch, Tobias Müller
Producer Animation Studio: Julian Fischer Production Assistant: Jessica Lorenz
DP: Philipp Geigel
1st Asst Camera: Hendrik Jansen
2nd Asst Camera: Stefan Betz
Key Grip: Clemens Bachmann
Grip Asst: Chrissi Heinrich
Gaffer: Jürgen Thiele
Electricians: Christian Weber, Christof v. Barany
Special Constructions: Henrik Scheib
Make-Up Artist: Sabine Gludovacz
Stand-In Rehearsals: Adrian Lobo
Sound Recording, Design & Mixes: Heiko Müller
Music Composer: Andrej Melita
Dubbing Voice Daniel: Beni Weber

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