Tangible bodies is a multimedia show with persons with special needes and professional artists of Mobilis-Immobilis Cie.
The interactive device ( IR camera and kinect) gets the presences, the gestures of the interpreters to become partners of the play and accompany the scenic writing.
Artistic direction: Maflohé Passedouet
Dancer: Sébastien Dumont
Interpreters: Nicolas Merlier, François Tixier, Corinne Saillant and the educators Claire Birrer, Céline Segara, Didier Servan
Developer: Jean-Michel Couturier
Musician, composer: Sébastien Eglème
Interactive video technician & guitar: Gregory Cosenza
Co-Production: Mobilis-Immobilis-Fées d'Hiver-Blue Yeti
With the support of Sèvres-Chaville-Ville d'Avray APEI , Chaville Atrium, Animakt, Savines le lac CCAS,Lieu Multiple-Poitiers, Médias cités ( technical & material )
and the partnership of Orange foundation and Safran foundation.

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