On Sunday, January 24, 2010 a very close friend decided to do something most people would never attempt.

He changed “fear” into “power”
He altered a lowly self-image into a gallant one
He transformed “sluggishness” into “energy”
He defied “impossible”
“Unconscious overeating” switched to “guilt-free,” “eating to live”
From “failure” to “constantly accomplishing”
A hunched over, unhurried walk became a confident swagger

He went from “couch potato” to a “5K Run finisher!”

Paul Buckin lost over 200 pounds with sheer determination. He continues to wage a constant battle towards the one goal he continues fighting for … a transformed body.
He takes on continual change and constant improvement, daily.

Instead of one big goal, he’s broken down his dreams into smaller “bite sized” portions. A step, by step plan to his ultimate triumph over obesity.

His story may trigger a smile, shock, a tear or a chuckle. Ultimately, it is meant to inspire you and move in the direction of your ambitions.

This guy is one of the most loving and giving people I’ve ever known.
Cheer him on and give him back the support that he is always giving others.

Enjoy and share with others that may need the support and encouragement.

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