This campaign will kick off with the "CEE Your Self Today" campaign experience on March 1st 2014 and an invitation to the 6.7 million
residents of the Central Florida Region to "Celebrate, Explore and Educate" or "CEE Yourself
Today". The spotlight is on what is possible for leading a healthy, sustainable, thriving
lifestyle in this region, from the Alternative Health and Lifestyle arena. This campaign crescendo's
with the FIRST ANNUAL ALTERNATIVE HEALTH AND LIFESTYLE FESTIVAL on May 4th in which residents from 15 counties will officially take their pledge in the spirit of Celebration, Exploration and Education.

At this one day experience, you can enter contests to win valuable prizes, participate in lively games (eg. make me smile game), workshops and demonstrations, featuring over 28 life serving products, modalities and services. You'll learn from some of the top experts on wellness and wellbeing at our main stage and celebrate mind, body, heart and soul live entertainment.

With Four "big tent marketplaces" to choose from and a specialty food court, you'll be able to explore the man
y options available for leading a healthy, sustainable, thriving lifestyle from over 225 sponsors and vendors.
Grab your Pledge T-shirts now and be part of the campaign to (C)elebrate, (E)xplore and (E)ducate Yourself today and be part of the Celebration of You! Go here now to pledge.

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