Film Reportage: Frenzied by Jason Hargrove - April 6, 2014 - Washington Square Park, New York, NY

The word is Feral. We've gone FERAL. WILD! Our necks are straining: our hands and hackles up. Firecracker strings of bared teeth lit by strobe lights. The rubric of madness. It's fantastic. The crowd is marauding all around. We scream in Farsi. Si, si, in Spanish. Yes, English too. ~~~ I stand up and beat my chest ~~~ Noble Savage. And with our pillow bodies and with our teeth bared we are each exposed as savages.


Do you prefer words? This film is based on the epic Twitter Poem "DUBFIRE" by Nosaj Evorgrah.


Event by Lori Kufner and Kevin Bracken at Newmindspace

Music (Dull Life) by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Fair Use)

Video by Jason Hargrove +

Filmed on Nikon D800 with a 35mm lens

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