This is a story about obsession with publicity and fame (and the "rich&famous" lifestyle), along with the media frenzy and possible nightmares that may follow...

Armada Named Sound is:
Andromeda S.


If your dreams are made of flesh and gold
and you're really ready to be sold
fame is only fifteen minutes long
fixation fixation

If your dream is never to be seen
but your life is on the TV screen
and you really don't know what I mean
fixation fixation

Deep inside your core
your blood will crave for more
what a rush!
what a ride!
and what a way to go!
It's on today-there is no resting place
It's everyday-there is no saving grace

On and on to do what you crave
On and on to dig your own grave

If you dream of drugs and fame at night
and you really like the flashing light
but reality is out of sight
fixation fixation

If your dreams are made of flesh and gold
fame is only fifteen minutes long
In the end there won't be right or wrong
fixation fixation

Armada Named Sound: Directing/Shooting/Starring/Editing/Making and Drinking tea
Stamos Antypas: The camera "man"
The song "Fixation" was thought of, arranged and mixed by Armada Named Sound
Mastered by MAINFRAME.
Copyright 2014

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