In this short demo video I briefly demonstrate how I circumvented the use of a mouse to start clips in Ableton Live.

I grew tired of clicking on the tiny triangles to launch the different sounds/parts in Ableton Live as this proved to be an absolutely nerve-wrecking thing to do when performing in nightclubs. It was the thing I hated most about this way of performing, as I spend way too much time staring at the screen and trying to hit the damn play-buttons of each soundclip.

To get a more comfortable way to control Ableton Live and to get rid of the mouse completely, you may spend $$$ on a dedicated MIDI-controller like the great AKAI APC40 or the cool Novation Launchpad for example.

Since I already have an Evolution UC33e to control sound levels, EQs and VST-effects, I decided to go for a low-budget solution by using an additional driver to map important functions to a Playstation-style twin-USB-gamepad. Any USB-joypad would do, including original PS3 controllers but I chose the twin-pad because it is inexpensive and gives me two controllers on one port, so I can map important Ableton Live functions on controller A and mouse-functions to controller B.

Now I can launch clips with ease and have got one hand free to tweak the UC33e, external effects-units or use the mixer at the same time thanks to this low-cost solution.

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