"To visualize what is missing", a project in Visual Communication at Konstfack, the College of Arts in Stockholm, Sweden.
My dad is an alcoholic. After a brain injury, as a result of cardiac arrest (as a result of many years of alcohol abuse), he needs care twentyfourseven. He spend most of his life in his safe haven, his bed. He is unable to take care of his basic needs. I created this video to try to give my dad more life, and to get about two and a half minute together at Stockholm Central Station.

Thank you: Viktoria Kindstrand and Anders Carlsson, instructors at Konstfack; Agneta Brundin, projecting the images; Madeleine Juth, Katrina Loelv and Pipsa Pouka for creative discussions in the project group; Inger Höjer Aspemyr, for creative discussions.

Made with an Aiptec V100 mini projector, an iPhone 5 and Apple Final Cut X.

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