Winner of the US Bank for Creativity award at the Palm Springs Art Museum's annual Fine Arts Creativity Awards student art show.

Artist Statement by Jonathan Serna:

Jonathan Serna
Self Loathing Narcissist
Multimedia (Digital video and photograph)

I make things in hope that people my age can [find/understand] a little more about themselves.

We live in a time where gratification has become instant and where the gracious has become gratuitous.
We are living [un]consciously in the face of the unknown itself.

I feel that we are losing [ourselves] in this world.
I'm looking at myself outside of my own body.
I'm proud, but it's kind of sad.
Looking back at what I've done, was it all for myself?

Self loathing narcissist, this is what really matters[?]

I'm told to be[a]ware of my freedom, because the world is being recreated as we speak.
we're doing it together, but I fear that the message is constantly misinterpreted.

When I leave [here], I will have done my job.

The truth is [in]appropriate.

Give me a second while I go through this existential crisis.

I'm Jonathan Serna from CCHS.

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