Spring Tide at Strand-on-the-Green, Chiswick, London, UK. Close to Kew Bridge on the River Thames. 1st February 2010

I have Parkinson's disease and in the recording of these pictures had the following adventure as related in the poem.

Spring Tide – by Tony Cox
The Thames was inches from the top of each boot
As a hot rib screamed past, engulfing each foot.
I’d commanded my legs to avoid the soaking
But my body wilfully ignored my thinking.
I’d specially walked to Strand-on-the-Green
To video the highest tide I’d seen.
I was on the flooded footpath enjoying the peace
Where pedestrians had been replaced by paddling geese,
When lack of levodopa and weight of water
Combined to make intended footsteps falter.
Somehow I clawed my way to a wrought iron railing,
Dragging myself slowly along, swaying as if sailing.
I began to tremor and start an irrational panic.
The more I wished for calm the more I became manic.
No footstep I tried could be begun
But bizarrely I could clumsily fashion a run.
I rushed from lamp post to lamp post in a comical manner
And hung on each to ease my heart’s heavy hammer.
Well meaning citizens stopped to ask if I was alright
While I just wished to be alone to sort out my plight.
The ten minute walk from home to the river
Took an hour for the return that seemed like forever.
My wife proclaimed me to be a silly twit
To have allowed myself to be panicked and wet.

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