Noche del Oso is coming up this Wednesday! 9PM at the Center at Columbus Avenue Baptist Church, $5.

The Noche, as our brethren from the South say, is upon us. Throughout our storied history, Zeta Zigga Zamma has done our very best to make sure that the night before Dia Del Oso is not spent dawdling around fountain mall with your line camp crush, bowling in the SUB to practice for that Lifetime Fitness performance test, or worst of all, in the depths of what is notoriously known as "club moody" frappuccino in hand, snapchatting your ex about how much homework you have. You're better than that, Baylor. We know you are.

Ever since 1492, Dia Del Oso has, for better or for worse, given us a Thursday off school. Since then, Dia has slowly but surely snuck up the holiday totem pole, finding itself somewhere between UT Round-up and Kwanza in terms of national prominence today.

As Dia has grown, the need to get #turntup the night before DIA has also grown. That's where we come in: NOCHE DEL OSO: CRAVE THE RAVE.
We're in college, too. We know what you crave: Penland late night, Jon Hart backpacks, and BU Crushes. For one night, we're asking you to set those things aside and CRAVE THE RAVE.

Last year, 800 showed up at The Center to rave their neon/RG3 socks off. This year, there's no reason we can't get to 1000.It's college. There's no parents, no class the next day, and no reason to miss NOCHE DEL OSO 2014. Bring DIA in right. Seeya there.

Theme: CRAVE THE RAVE- wear something rave-worthy and turnt up. Take that in whatever direction you would like.

P.S.— brand new at NOCHE DEL OSO 2014- air conditioning.

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