We, the citizens is an installation / performance that uses the data obtained from the analysis of various soundscapes of Porto. The data is compiled by the system URB (urb.pt.vu), José Alberto Gomes project developed with Diogo Tudela, as a complement to traditional sound cartography. This system facilitates the study of the evolution of soundscapes in specific time periods and extends the spectrum of artistic approaches. The public presentation will be in charge of various sound artists closely related to Sonoscopia. The performances and sound installations that will occur in several spaces of Sonoscopia will be used in order to highlight the importance of acoustic ecology in the development of modern societies.

Participants: Gustavo Costa, Eduardo Magalhães, Carlos Guedes, Rui Dias, Filipe Lopes e Palmer Eldrich.
Production: Sonoscopia
Video: Miguel C. Tavares

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