Have you experienced Prejudice?

A dialogue between myself (a white cis female student from Northern Ireland) and strangers asking them about their experiences of prejudice.

"It can be wilful even to name racism: as if the talk about divisions is what is divisive. Given that racism recedes from social consciousness, it appears as if the ones who 'bring it up' are bringing it into existence. " Sarah Ahmed.

This project investigates how I can approach conversations about prejudice of all forms more effectively. It provokes ideas surrounding an extensive amount of issues including; race, gender and class as these issues of identity are all inter relatable and extremely complex.

The discussion of this topic highlights the different and similar experiences of those who belong to particular groups within society. Bringing these conversations into existence may encourage viewers to assess experiences of prejudice in a more analytical way.

Discouraging people from talking about issues of prejudice only re-forces an institutionalised framework that makes those of different backgrounds appear different or threatening. This I why I feel these conversations are so important.

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