In 2001 the Bio technology Industry Conference was hosted in San Diego. This 10 minute intro is a recap of a larger 1 hour documentary on the issues and tactics surrounding the industry and those opposed to the com-modification, patenting of life (embryos, seeds, and animals), and the use of GMO in our food. This documentary provides quiet a perspective 13 years later on the central issues.

Personally, I had been working with this group of activists for over a year and this proved to be the culmination of our activist work, which included the founding of IMC in San Diego, mobilization to Washington D.C. for the WTO demonstrations, and the Democratic Convention in LA.

Part of a larger body of work that focused on the new Millennium and issues that will be central to the next generation, I spent 3 years (1999-2001) filming around the border region and as far as Mexico City (Zapatista March), WTO (Washington D.C.), and the Democratic Convention in LA to document what I felt where the most important issues of our time. 13 years later and with enough of a historical perspective, these issues are revisited.

Maclovio Rojas, Chicano Park and a host of other social and political activities around this Border Region where documented as well in an attempt to better understand our history.

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