Expectations constantly pull and push at the decisions we make in every moment of life. They come from friends, family, culture or even ourselves dictating a path we should take and sentencing us to a life of boundaries set by others. Sometimes that life we’ve chosen; the one molded by expectations set by parents and society, brings financial success. It brings career success, financial security, and even popularity. When the rest of the world steps away and you find yourself alone, there’s a question that lingers: AM I HAPPY?

An Independent feature film named “THE INDIAN AMERICAN: Unconditional Love”, follows the story of Jay Shastri winsome young doctor who is suddenly forced to wrestle with the same question “AM I HAPPY?” All his life, he has fallen in line with his family’s plans for his future. From career choices to arranged marriage, he represents the ideal son. Jay's sister Radhika Shastri on the other hand, has taken a less traditional path. When a near-death experience shakes up Jay's perspective and internal battle he constantly fights comes to a head. Should he stick to the ways set by his parents and by the love of his life? Or should he risk it all to follow his heart and pursue his passion. Does he believe in his own genius enough to make this final stand? Would you?

A sleeping dreamer finally awakens to realize his dream. “THE INDIAN AMERICAN: Unconditional Love” reminds each of us of the brilliance just waiting inside you. What have you let go, forgotten about, or just abandoned because life or others got in the way? It’s not too late to change that! The heart of this film and its creator, Randhir Ban Reddy, wants to encourage everyone to follow their dreams and unleash their true potential by sharing “Unconditional Love”, and support.

Inspired by events from his youth, Randhir feels an extreme urgency to spread this message across the globe. This film is made in tribute to a college friend who tragically took his own life because he could not meet the expectations of his parents(to become a doctor). This friend was brilliant in math but fell short in biology. He was failing in his med school courses. The pressure to fit into the mold of his parents expectations was just too much for him to handle. No more lives should be lost – no more genius extinguished – simply because of the lack of certain abilities. Randhir hopes this movie will save precious lives and inspires people to follow their heart and live a life they always imagined.

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