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Excerpt from Fashion TV Insert (2009)
The Emirates Woman Nomad Shoot, Fashion TV Insert. DOP/Art Director.
An exposé for a UAE based fashion magazine called Emirates Woman.
The insert follows the EW fashion team on their Nomad shoot.
The video was used on Fashion TV and also online.
1 Minute, 21 Seconds Television Commercials (2005)
Two 30 second television commercials shot for
Freelance Art Director. (A South African equivalent of Ebay.)
The commercials where shot for Joe Public Advertising Agency
and were produced by Giant Films.
1 Minute
Excerpt from The Final Cut (2013)
The Final cut, SAE School Short film. Director/DOP.
The final cut was written by Stephane Roderick, the short film was produced
and directed by students attending a film production short course.
1 Minute, 24 Seconds
Scuba Dive Master scholarship application (2012)
Scuba is one of my passions. In 2012 I applied for a Dive Master Scholarship.
This video was used as part of my application. I narrated the video,
I wanted to illustrate my passion for diving.
3 Minutes 30 Seconds
Excerpt from “Diving the Shoal” (2013)
This was shot on a GoPro, and shows my first dive on Aliwal Shoal.
A reef just of the coast of South Africa renowned for its shark population.
Coincidently this was also the fist time I saw a shark up close and personal.
3 Minutes

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