A summary of the fantastic week spent in Portugal in October 2013 for the surf trip organized by Elena Bertolini and Edoardo Bianchi, founders of WeTravel WeSurf. Portugal is considered one of the most beautiful places to surf in Europe, thanks to his breathtaking landscapes, to the majestic cliffs overlooking the sea and the endless waves.. an unforgettable experience in search of the perfect wave!!! Thanks to Go Pro Italia, Surf Camp Tours, Tap Portugal, Rip Curl, Portuguese people and all the participants in this surf camp: Giulia, Agnese, Roma, Carlotta, Roberta, Chiara, Edoardo, Cristian, Stefano.

Direction: Eugenio Barcelloni, Elena Bertolini
Editing: Eugenio Barcelloni
Photography: Eugenio Barcelloni, Elena Bertolini, Edoardo Bianchi, Roma Dela Cruz

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