Adonis Musati was 23 years old when he fled troubled Zimbabwe and traveled to Cape Town. He spent weeks on end queuing for asylum papers, sleeping in a cardboard box outside the Home Affairs office.

In November 2005 he was found dead. The Autopsy confirmed that this young man had died of starvation whilst waiting for his papers.

This film follows a group of Cape Town volunteers who, on hearing of his death, decided to make it their mission not to let any more refugees die on the city streets. They formed the Adonis Musati Project, which reaches out to all refugees who are struggling to survive in Cape Town.

We visit the world of refugees such as Linet Mwanza who shares a tiny corner of a packed warehouse with 3 other adults and 4 young children or Bester Clayton who, like hundreds of other refugees, was living under a bridge for 4 months until the project helped him find a better

This film is dedicated to the brave work of the Adonis Musati Project and to all the refugees that have been forced to live away from their homes and their families.

The Film was made by one-woman-band Anna Telford of Butterfly Films which is Sponsored by the Delta Trust. It is her first film, which she shot, directed, produced and edited herself.

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