An electroacoustic performance realized with PD. Two 6min audio tracks(each are my own works - recordings) are sliced - deconstructed and slices are arranged by their spectral stability(noisiness) from low to high. This arrangement is mapped to the graphics tablet. X axis has the first deconstructed and arranged track and Y axis has the other. I'm using the midi controller to control some parameters in the sampling engine which I've programmed in PD. I'm also doing some stuff with the buttons on the electronic pen. Software used:

* Pure Data - as the main programming environment
* GNU/Linux as the operating system(Ubuntu Feisty with low latency kernel, running jackd)
* Reaper - for the post effects(reverb and compression, whose parameters are controlled in realtime from my PD patch - thanks to wineasio!)
* MEAPsoft - for slicing the master tracks and getting the spectral stability info about each slice(the data is parsed and given to the PD patch)

The graphics tablet is a cheap UC-Logic tablet.

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