I’m already a huge fan of Kinco’s leather ski gloves and mitts. In fact, we’ve reviewed both on our site and you can find the mitts here and the gloves here. They are outstanding and last for a long time. Probably the most unique feature of Kinco’s products is the fact that these gloves are affordable. I’ve found that the Lined Cold Weather Gloves (#2051) are made with the same durable and functional features of the gloves and mitts I’ve worn in the past from Kinco.

These fabric gloves are perfect for warmer winter days when you still need waterproofing, warmth, and durability. Weather you’re working outside, backcountry skiing, or just spending time in cold and wet environments, these gloves will do the trick. Packed with features like AquaNOT! Waterproof Lining, High Dexterity, Reinforced Material, Spandex Back, Thermal lining, and XtremeGRIP Gripping Power, these gloves actually appear much simpler than they really are.

I think if I were wearing these skiing on a cold day in the dead of winter, my hands would be a little bit chilly. If I were working outside on the same day, however, these would be perfect. They are going to keep my hands warmer than not wearing gloves but because of the design I would actually be able to work and use my hands as if I were not wearing gloves.

Kinco’s coming out with some really cool products integrating high quality technologies, the outstanding Kinco price, and lasting durability. Kinco knows that women work hard and play hard too, so they’ve also developed a women’s version of these. They are called the Women’s WinterPro Lined (#2060W) and include some of the same amazing technologies and features of the men’s gloves! For under $24 a piece, your whole family can have a pair of gloves for the warmer winter days.


Lined Cold Weather Gloves (#2051): goo.gl/pvOI28

Women’s WinterPro Lined (#2060W): goo.gl/r6L6J2

More gear reviews: goo.gl/WYXhsa

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