Boracay Philippines
Discovery Shores
Gown : Vera Wang
Coordinator : Amanda Tirol

For about a year we’ve been traveling like crazy from one country to another. We’ve seen a lot of amazing places, breathtaking views and serene beaches, met a lot of people and covered a lot of destination weddings, but, nothing beats white powdered sands, calm blue waters and a perfect sunset view. ...It is the beach that is the closest to our hearts... Where else but in the beautiful island of Boracay, Philippines. True to what I wrote earlier, it is indeed the most perfect place to tie the knot. There is something about the island that makes everyone feel at home. Probably the ambiance and warm hospitality of the locals and, of course, the after wedding parties are always a blast.. A recent wedding in Boracay actually proves my point.

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In a world of stars and celebrities, who would ever think that we would meet such funny, humble and amazing people? The first time we heard that we are going to be covering the wedding of one of the hottest stars in Taiwan, we were so giddy and excited. I’m talking about none other than Fish Leong and Tony Chao. It was an intimate and truly heartfelt experience, especially, since it was done at the beautiful island of Boracay Philippines. Everybody and everything looked so perfect during that day thanks to the best coordinator in Boracay, Amanda Tirol.

We know words cannot describe the magical feeling we had when they tied the knot, so why don’t we share with you the SDE we made just for them.

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