Once a year, we sit down and take the time to reflect on the incredible journey that Rockhouse has become. The journey as filmmakers, as a company, as friends, as a family. We are incredibly fortunate to live in such hot pursuit of our wildest dreams, and this good fortune has led us to point a lens at some of the most amazing things that our world has to offer.

When we sit down, once a year, to reflect on this, we take the time to make our annual 4K showreel. We do our best to consider everything we have ever shot. This, of course, is a challenge. With much deliberation, (probably even a little bit too much, at times) we were able to put together what we proudly consider to be "The Best of Our Best".

Turn off the lights, turn up your speakers, take three minutes of your life and please enjoy our work, our reel, our life.

[Lensed by Matt White, Dustin Lutt, and Aaron Hitchins.

Shot on RED EPIC using Canon and Sigma Glass

In order of appearance, here are some of the films that this footage is drawn from:

SMITH ELITE: Brand Video - vimeo.com/82783862

ROCKHOUSE: Outdoor Reel - vimeo.com/85499825

BENELLI: Ethos - Rockhouse Cut - vimeo.com/83328077

The Space Between - vimeo.com/44777412

I Remember: Book 2 - vimeo.com/46918997

ROCKHOUSE EPIC REEL 2012 - vimeo.com/50628563

ICE: From a Frozen Lake to Olympic Gold - vimeo.com/85744600

Art of Amazing Award Winning: DR. BOOM - vimeo.com/71691722

GO MCPHERSON: Lifestyle - vimeo.com/83885714

BENELLI: Ethos Documentary - vimeo.com/79036072

WEATHERBY: Luke vimeo.com/88277826

KANSAS STATE: Brand Film 4K - vimeo.com/47429682

Shot in proud association with:

KJOS Outdoors

Burly Studios


Camp4 Collective

Sound Design by Dwight Chalmers: dwightchalmersaudio.com]

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