Here is the video footage we have been looping at the booth at NAB2014. Several people asked if they could see it online anywhere so now you can.

This is all shot on either the Letus GoPro Stabilizer or the Letus Helix ESS.

If it's anamorphic, it's the GoPro with the ANX-GP on a 1 axis stabilizer mounted to a monopod. Non-anamorphic footage that is car mounted is from a GoPro HERO 3 mounted to another Letus GoPro stabilizer (we were testing wind resistance at ... errr... the legal speed limit of course).

The shots from the Ghost Bar at the Palms were shot by Edi Schneider on a Canon 70D with a 16-35mm lens mounted to the Helix ESS 3 axis stabilizer.

Everything was shot over the last few days just for fun.... if you consider hanging out a car window at highway speeds fun. I do!

None of this footage was stabilized in post.

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