Epidermolysis Bullosa, or EB, is a rare genetic skin disorder the the majority of people have never heard of, yet it affects 100,000 children across the United States. Children born with this disease lack the ability to produce the collagen-7 protein that acts as a glue to bind the inner and out layers of skin together.

Because the disease affects all aspects of Garrett's body he must make frequent doctor visits. The 4-hour round trip drive to Stanford University is the easy part for Garrett and his mom. Once there the day is consumed with 8-12 hours of doctor appointments. Garrett is seen by so many different people in one day that it is hard to understand how remains patient.

Early in 2008 Andre J. Hermann joined the ranks of a little boy and his family fighting personal battles everyday against EB. It is a disease that recognizes no geographic border, culture, sex, or aspect of life. EB not only takes a toll on it's victims and their families, but also affects their friends, caregivers, and the communities that help them.

There are many ways to help, or learn more. Please visit ebkids.org, befriendeb.com, and dermatology.stanford.edu/research/research.html

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