Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show - Presents Indie Music Videos from Around The World.
Bongo Boy Rock ‘N’ Roll TV Offers The “Big Break”
Had enough of kicking around from bar to dead-end bar? Sick of selling tickets and watching club owners pry cash out of impenetrable pockets to pay you pennies on the dollar? Exasperated with playing to people that yap over the top of your set and won’t remember you in a month from now? Just plain fed up with trying to get famous through inane, grassroots methods and one-way Charlie avenues? Well Bongo Boy TV just might be the answer to your needs.

Bongo Boy Rock ‘N’ Roll TV is an unprecedented TV series that brings quality indie music to over 2.5 million cable subscribers in the United States. The series has the ability to put acts on 16 television channels on publicly accessed giants such as NBC, Comcast, Fios, Time Warner Cable,RCNand Cablevision.

While the show focuses on educating the public about independent East Coast artists and their trek to the top, they have also aired episodes featuring long established guests such as Pat DiNizio (The Smithereens), Gar Francis and Shoreworld stalwarts, The Gripweeds. Other featured acts include Long Branch, NJ garage rockers The Easy Outs and the Big Apple’s own blazing hot Jana Peri. Peri also commands the host job for BBRRTV.

BBRRTV highlights music and a whole lot more. This is an outlet for original everything including composition, videos, art, indie trailers and social history presented in a unique setting with each show. Shot on a veritable laundry list of vivid New York City locations, BBRRTV also uses Showtime’s Belvidere, NJ studio for some of their “in house” segments.

I’m sure by now you’re asking yourself the question, “Great dude, but as a performer, what does all of this mean to me?” Well, if you play your cards right and take a chance, this could be your next method used to grab that musical brass ring. Bongo Boy Rock ‘N’ Roll TV is offering bands the chance to join the family and experience a different level of industry success. Simply go to the site and heed submission directions to see if you have what it takes to be the next big thing.

Bongo Boy is also a full service record label and is the brainchild of Dutch entrepreneur Monique Grimme. Monique has the expertise and drive to get things done and has a love of music not seen much these days from label folks. I’ve worked with her on past projects for discussion in The Aquarian and she is a true delight to deal with.

So whether you’re looking to gain action in front of the camera, or you’re looking for a label to match your endless talents, Bongo Boy is a conglomerate that just might be the ticket you need to get you to the Greek.

Bongo Boy Rock ‘N’ Roll TV features a distinct new show every month and is on TV as well as being available online. You might want to keep this info to yourself and not spill the beans to your local booking agent, as he’ll just naysay you and try to keep you working for him in the same ole’ way. So take a shot, it can’t hurt, right? As it says on the Bongo Boy Rock ‘N’ Roll TV website, when it comes to opportunities of fame, “It might as well be you.”

For more data on the show, the label, the people involved and submission requirements, head over to the site and follow the instructions. - John Pfeiffer SHOREWORLD - The Aquarian Weekly

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