Kerri booked us to shoot the wedding film for her wedding over a year ago, but one week before her wedding we were all at a birthday party for our friends Chase and Tiffany Andrews where she first experienced the Phantom Slow Motion Video Booth. Chase used our Phantom LC Miro320s to set up a super slow motion video booth for a little entertainment, fun and memories for their guests. After Kerri's first trip through the booth, she came up to me and said, "I want to do this at my wedding!" I replied, "We can make it happen if you're serious about it, just let me know." That night after the party she texted me, "I'm getting my hopes up about this video booth.......Ok we agreed we want to do it for sure!" We spent the next few days prepping and organizing for our first ever Slow Motion Video Booth.

Ardon and Kerri decided to make this a surprise to their wedding party and guests. So following the delicious sit down dinner we slowly began to spread the word and showing guests some examples on our phones of what a Phantom video booth looks like. With in 15 minutes the entire room was slammed with about 75 guests dressing up, posing and watching playback of over 1000 frame per second video footage on a 65" playback screen. The video booth quickly became not only a way to create lasting memories, but also an environment at their wedding that encourage fun and got people in the mood to have fun and let go on the dance floor.

Thank you to Ardon and Kerri for allowing us to play such a fun part in their wedding day. And a huge thank you to all their guests for participating and having such a great time with our team!

-Jamie Graff

There are a few other people across the world that offer a slow motion booth, but none that offer the speed that we can record with the Phantom Miro. Most shoot around 240 or 300 frames per second, where as we shot anywhere from 1000 to 3200 fps at this wedding!

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