This is my New Demo Reel for 2014. I'm a Screenplay Writer and a Video Editor; with experience as a Production Assistant both On Set and in the Office. My skills also include 3D Animation, Sound Mixing, and Graphic Design.

I hope I made it as enjoyable to watch as possible. If you watch the whole video there will be a Hot Chick surprise for you courtesy of the Taz's Angles! Lol

I was involved with ever video on this reel in a relatively important position if not every position.

My Business E-Mail address is Refer to my Resume for further contact information.

I had to use lower quality videos because of computer crash not too long ago, and I didn't have time to get my files recovered, but I think it turned out decent. The Skate Videos suffered the worst after the crash. That's why I cut most of them. I will be releasing a longer version with better quality in 1080p & 29.99 FPS in the future.

YouTube Channel:

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