Kevin Shalkowsky - Post Production Sound Supervisor (Stereo and 5.1 mix), Foley Recordist (on location), Boom Operator.

When forced to deal with someone from a different background than you, do you accept them, or immediately shun them away? James (Sinclair Wheeler) is a young single dad working at a factory with his friend, Jermain (Moses Jones), in order to support his mother and child.

When Cole (Joey Martin), the factory owner's son, shows up for his first day early in the summer, James is told to "make friends." Though reluctant at first, the two bond over a shared love of art, especially graffiti. As the summer comes to a close, tension between the three has become unbearable, so Jermain takes things into his own hands.

"Free Wall" was filmed in Muncie and Indianapolis, Indiana, and its soundtrack includes local artists

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