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IFF Boston World Premiere 2014
Somerville Theater, April 24, 9.30 PM
Buy tickets at UPDATE: ALL ADVANCE TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT. Come with your IFF Boston badge or try the rush line!

Part-time Austin indie rocker—and full-time harbinger of chaos and destruction—Irene McCabey arrives in Pittsburgh to claim her inheritance: a crumbling, abandoned three-story row house built by her great-grandfather. With the help of a drinking buddy who happens to be her long lost cousin, Irene attempts a boozy restoration project and discovers in the forgotten home a hidden urge to settle down—but when shit gets shitty, Irene's newfound domesticity may not be strong enough to subdue the rampaging child within.

Directed by Colin Healey
Starring Rachel McKeon, Jack Culbertson, and Molly Carlisle
Producers: Dave Schachter, Colin Healey, Ella Hatamian

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Director of photography: Ben Powell
Production designers: Seth Clark & Danielle Laubach
Costume design: Christine Casaus
Original music by Matt Bryan
Editor: Dave Schachter
Sound design: Arjun Sheth
Property master: Travis Rohrbaugh
Location sound: Landry Gideon

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