Thomaz Chianca – Interdisciplinary Evaluation Doctoral Student, WMU

Evaluation Center: November 7, 2006

Since 2005, The Evaluation Center at WMU has been working with Heifer International as an independent party to evaluate their projects in five countries: the U.S., Peru, Thailand, Nepal, and Albania. A specific evaluation approach has been devised, the Heifer Hoofprint Model, that not only responds to Heifer’s main interest in assessing its the impact of its programming on the lives of project recipients, but also provides a comprehensive assessment of merit, worth, and significance of Heifer’s work. The project has involved about 20 evaluators (2/3 from the U.S. and 1/3 from other countries) and has had investments of approximately $300,000. This presentation will focus primarily on the discussion of the Hoofprint Model, the major challenges we faced in designing and implementing the evaluations, and the initial accounts on uses and consequences of those evaluations to different stakeholders, including Heifer headquarters, country offices and local projects, and the WMU Evaluation Center. Participants will be invited to contribute ideas to improve the next round of Heifer “impact” evaluations.

View the handout for this presentation:

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