This is Wana, a rescued wolf located at Wolf Mountain in Lucerne, CA. You can help in a huge way by donating for her leg operation & feeding.

You can also sponsor her or any of the other wolves at:

Wana Chikal (Little One) came to the WMS on May 13, 2002. She was four weeks old. Wana was born April 15, 2002. She weighed 6.2 pounds (which was under weight her age) and didn't know how to eat on her own. Tonya took her under her wings and named her Little One. This translates to Wana Chikal in Lakota.

Tonya taught her to drink milk out of the bottle. Wana lives with Shanta and Wakinyan who were rescued from the same breeder. Wana was very shy in the beginning but now she is quick to greet visitors. She is a sweet little girl and like Shanta and Wakinyan loves to shake paws. She also offers you her paw when she wants to be touched. She especially loves to have her belly rubbed. She will lay on her back and just stare at you until you rub it. Wana is a joy to have here at WMS and loves to eat watermelon, peaches and knuckle bones. Wana is very special to all the staff at WMS. Hopefully in a few weeks we will have Tamaka's new compound built and we will introduce Wana to Tamaka and hope they will become lifelong mates.

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