1:15 minute, single-screen, 16:9 HD Digital Video, 2014.
This series of 1:15 minute short films titled, TRAILERS, have been made using free online editing software, Magisto. Acting as a simple introduction but also counterpoint to the long form, immersive 24:50-minute film work MORE OUT OF CURIOSITY. The same source video footage has been uploaded to a user free Internet editing system and put through their editing styles, complete with soundtrack. Through the use of algorithms this free software sets about scanning and imposing special affects in the analysis of the ‘raw’ footage, prioritizing facial recognition, spoken voice and dynamic intensity or fast image movement. The randomness of the process does result in uncontrolled editing choices however a logic is reflected as the ‘editing styles’ offer systemization of film editing ideology.
The trailer format is conceptually used because it suggests an imagined entity, a potential larger film. Commercial film trailers are often made before the final cut of the feature film and can often differ from and precede the ultimate, distributed film product. In this film work series the trailers trade on expectancy and hope as recognition of the potential of film and the politics of change. This sense of suspense and anticipation is inflected through the political dimension of Egypt as the progressive optimism of the 2011 revolution fades out to military dictatorship. The film trailer format and technological determinism jut into the political realm of street protest and activism in a society hovering on an event horizon.

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