3D skills are not enough: If you want to score well in THUNDER BALL then it takes more! We built a cannon based on the idea of clay pigeon shooting and thought it cannot be so hard to bring the balls down in mid air. Well, we all were surprised by the level of difficulty. General problem is that you have to look at your heli (obviously!) and when the ball shoots into the sky it is hard to spot because it is so fast and small. By the time you see it you need to look back at the heli and then start moving it as fast as possible. This unfortunately means you lose sight of the ball again and by the time the heli finally moves the ball is already on its way down to the ground.

As you can see in the video there are different strategies, e.g. try and wait at an altitude for the ball to show up, or park the heli near the cannon and shoot after the ball once it launches (gives you a better perspective). There was however no clear favourite. Anyway, it was great fun and we'd recommend it any day! :-)

How was the THUNDER BALL CANNON built? Click here:

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