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  1. 01:36:43

    Music Videos

    by 918media

    16 Videos

    A Collection of Music Video Works from 918media

  2. 26:20

    Narrative Work

    by 918media

    10 Videos

    A Collection of Documentary and Narrative videos from 918media. This includes Event videos, Documentary Shorts, Narrative Shorts and Trailers.

  3. 07:08

    Commercial Work

    by 918media

    8 Videos

    A collection of commercial work from 918media.

  4. 35:49

    This Land Live - 2012

    by 918media

    8 Videos

    Music Performances from This Land Press's music series "This Land Live" Presented by Boulevard Brewery. Recorded and filmed at the 2012 Free Tulsa music festival.

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