Note: Game graphics quality reduced in this video to capture smoother footage.

Who Are You? is a psychological video game that challenges our perception of identity and forces the player to reflect on their personality throughout a series of 10 personal questions based on actual psychology. Players interact with their avatar on-screen using a custom-made controller interface. Who Are You? is about self-discovery and starting a conversation with ourselves to reflect upon who we are. As the player answers these questions, the rooms change in response to their answer, culminating at a conclusion where the player receives an indication as to what their choices say about them. Do they accept the results as who they truly are? Did the players discover something meaningful about themselves? That is a question only they can answer.

Who Are You? is a thesis project for Ryerson University's New Media program and was exhibited at META 2014 and the 2014 Level Up Showcase.

Created by: Jordan Sparks
Curated by: Deevanie Jethoo
Psychology Consultant: Dr Jacob Hirsh
Main Programmers: Ian Nastajus, Dante Camarena
Supporting Professors: David Rokeby, Jessica Field, Kathleen Adams, David Green

You can find more of Jordan Sparks' work at
Who Are You will be released online soon on the Grind Spark website.

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