Saturday, 5th of April, was the day fresh skatepark in Nova Gorica (Slovenia) hosted its first skateboarding event called Flowgrind. 19 youngsters competed in the category under 16 years of age and 46 competitors skated in the opened category. Each and everyone killed it! Due to unexpected rain they had to cancel the whole event earlier, but they were still able to use results from the qualification runs.

Open category:
1. Fabio Montagner
2. Timotej Lampe Ignjić
3. Oliver Kofler

Under 16 age category:
1. Rene Torkar
2. Jakob Vilhar
3. Andraž Leben

Filmed with Sony FS700 and Canon 5D Mark III.

Kristijan Stramic
Dominik Istenic (

Kristijan Stramic

"Junk Bond Trader" performed by Elliott Smith
Courtesy of Dreamworks Records
Written by Elliott Smith

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