Shot while traveling from Mumbai to Varanasi in January 2014. India is everything that that people say it is and more. Its one of the most photogenic countries i have every been to, hopefully i have captured it here.

Everything was shot on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera ( BMPCC ) with a 14mm panasonic lens + a couple of the Varanasi shot were taken with a panasonic 14-45mm zoom. Hopefully this video shows how good this camera is as a run and gun style camera. Allot of this was shot hand held and stabilised using warp. Even though i was pretty happy with how easy it was to get nice shots in hand, even on the boat.

Everything was shot in ProRes on film mode and graded using Davinci Resolve and the OSIRIS Luts, which are a great starting point for any grading work on footage from this camera. I would have loved to have shot this in RAW but because i was traveling i didn't have access to a HD to dump footage onto so space on my 3 cards was important, hence shooting ProRes.

Photos from the trip can also be seen here:

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