“A Day in Hoopcity” is an online commercial that represents what life is like for many ballers from different walks of life. Whether it be training on your own while making the most of your surroundings, or finding self-motivation to push yourself further, the overall message of this commercial is about finding inspiration, and that’s what Hoopcity magazine is all about. What’s your inspiration for basketball?

As a young film-maker, and as a part of Hoopcity, I wanted to use my skills in film to inspire people. With the launch of Hoopcity magazine, it was a great opportunity for me to make this inspirational commercial. For me personally, I’ve always been interested in things that motivate me, so as a film-maker, my overall goal is to encourage people to work hard and follow their dreams. As a basketball player myself, I would love to see more positive films and initiatives like Hoopcity around the world, and that’s what we’re trying to do.

For more info on Hoopcity Magazine, check out Hoopcity.com.au


CAST (in order of appearance)
Tu Nguyen (at mailbox and first training scene)
Martin Mackinnon (on bus)
Kris Gorgievski (running up stairs)
T.J. (doing push-ups)
Hope Terdich (training indoor)
Chand aka Area 51 (dunking outdoor)
Andre Gorgievski (last training scene)

Directed, Filmed, Edited & Music by Andre Gorgievski
Assistant Cameramen Kris Gorgievski & David Coles
Assistant Directors Kris Gorgievski & Tu Nguyen
Commercial advisor David Coles

Anna & Iceman
All my boys at the YMCA

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