Escape the Haze by 3rql. Supported by The SpeakEasy Skate Co.

ETH Crew
Aqif (Skater, Brand)
Muzammil (Skater)
Aiman Farhan (Skater, Writer, Polaroid)
Ameer Hakim (Skater, Photo)
Amirul (Skater, Video)

Photo Journal:

Malaysia, a country of people living with multiple religion and ethnicity with landmass of 329,847 square kilometers. With 13 states in the country divided with political powers by several political parties struggling to make ends meet on behalf of everyone ( hope they do ) . All eyes are set on the heartbeat of the city , Kuala Lumpur. The city itself was rapidly built after 50 years of the nation’s independence. Outsiders and locals were drawn in to the city as it would promise 101 chances of success and happiness in terms of business, holiday and life. Skateboarding has made it way to the city since the early 90’s.Today many spots has been discovered in this concrete jungle , the probability for a new spot to be found is quite rare in the city .Certain spots were taken down by the authorities while some are kept guarded away from skateboarders.
So we came out with a brief idea out of random talks. The idea is to discover skate spots outside the city where no one has ever skated .Looking at Pahang; one of the states in Malaysia located in the north surrounded with tropical forest as its attraction we decided to give it a try. Thus ‘Escape the Haze project’ was born. Besides than that we hope this project will become a medium to open the eye of Malaysian skateboarders not to focus skateboarding in one place or city since Malaysia is not a country with big modern cities ( New York for example).Malaysia has its identity as a country surrounded with tropical forest and it shouldn’t stop skateboarders to skate on this type of environment . We believe this is what one of the traits skateboarding has to offer, there is no limit for creativity in skateboarding no matter where the place you roll.
We would to thank Wheel love skateshop for lending us one of their crew and hooking up us with some of their gears. Wheel love has been supporting the Malaysian rolling scene ( Skateboarding,In-line,Bmx…etc) since day one .The joy of rolling is meant to be shared with everyone without any discrimination on what they’re riding ,this is what Wheel love skateshop is all about .
By the way Escape the Haze got its name due to the haze phenomenon that affects certain state in Malaysia. From Subang Jaya to Cameron Highland, to Kuala Lipis and lastly Jerantut. These places are skatetable and no one knows its existence. By this trip, we manage to conclude and reach our aim by skating at the spot that shows Malaysia.
Images By Ameer Hakim
Words By Aiman Farhan

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