Promo video of a track from the album, 'north strand' by minus 3 (The Drive to Uqbar).

Drone, ambient music heavily steeped in the minimalist tradition.

This is the video for the track 'north strand (gloaming)' in an abridged version, from The Drive to Uqbar album 'north strand'. The original album version is 20 minutes in length. FULL VERSION of this track can be found here:

The full album comprises of 7 tracks:

1. north strand
2. enters mabbot street (circe remains)
3. adiaphane
4. strindberg
5. yes (abridged)
6. yes (full)
7. north strand (gloaming)

The Drive to Uqbar has launched both their new album 'First Station' (digital download only at this time), and their website.

The album was inspired by the paintings of minimalist artist Barnett Newman. This album will soon be released in physical form by the label Essentia Mundi.

The website is full of various content including, a store offering T.D.T.U.'s 3 albums and unique T.D.T.U. t-shirt designs. Many sounds, images, stories, etc, are all a part of T.D.T.U. and are accessible on the site.

Please visit their website here: /

Please visit their store here: /?

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