this is the intro for MNSTR BLADE, a Münster based crew video, splitted in 6 sections.
Published by each section will come with one of six parts of an article Ash Gavin wrote about a talk, he and myself (Jo Zenk) had about the blading scene in Münster.

you can read the first part of the article here:

Part II / Jo Zenk /
Part III / Jurij Pelaev & Alex Klöber /
Part IV / Patrick Smith /
Part V / Mixed & Eugen Enin /
Part VI / Benni Petry + Outro /



filmed from spring to fall 2013 entirely in Münster, Germany

including full Sections by:
Jo Zenk
Patrick Smith
& "introducing" Benni Petry

with miniviews of:
Jurij Pelaev
Alex Klöber (who unfortunately got hurt while filming for his Section)
Eugen Enin

Plus lots of footage frome the homies


Thanks to everybody that helped me realise this project.
Many thanks to Patrick Smith who helped alot with the filming and some of the editing.
Special thanks to the crew! Everybody gave his best and threw all in while filming! MNSTR BLADE gets it done.
This was my first intended skatevideo. worked out pretty good I'd say.

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