We believe that cultivating a love of reading and having access to books are both critical aspects of children's growth and development.

After working on Amazon Kindle advertising for the past few years, we saw an opportunity to evolve the brand and tell their story in a new way. To communicate the power of the Kindle in kids' lives, we gathered a diverse group of children and spent time getting to know them. We asked about their favorite books and their thoughts on reading while capturing every moment on camera. Read more.

The result was a documentary style of storytelling that focuses on real moments and conversations, creating a relatable yet emotional spot. We presented the idea to the Amazon team and they fell in love with the interviews as much as we had, so much that many of the kids from the original test shoot made it into the final spot on air. We went on to shoot spots for UK audiences based on the same concept, and are currently working on extending the documentary style into further campaigns.

In addition to the TV ad, we created a digital campaign extension. The banners shown here wrapped Hulu content with a media buy aimed at programming for kids and moms.

More info at eyeballnyc.com/#/work/view_all/kindle_kids

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