What goes up, must come down.

Logline: Two men, one elevator... but will either one get to the top?

Plot Outline
A sharp, corporate panther is on his way to the top of his domain, when a very important elevator ride is intruded upon by an aimless ruffian. A situation that hangs poised to bring them both down.

Directed By Cassidy Bisher
Written By Mary Krell-Oishi
Produced By Zac Page Lisa Mueller
Director of Photography Craig Harmer
Editor Cassidy Bisher

A Drop Drop Studios production

Production Designer: Aaron Bannasch
Sound Designer: Joel Ferguson & Cassidy Bisher
Associate Producer: Madeleine Shapiro
1st Assistant Director: Lisa Mueller


"Suit" played by Cassidy Bisher
"Scruff" played by Jimmy Doom
"Screaming Woman" played bt Emily Verwey

1st Assistant Camera: Lance Mokma
2nd Assistant Camera: Luke Brown
Digital Image Technician: Peter Johnson
Gaffer: Dylan Borger Grip
Sound Mixer: Sloan Inns
Boom Operator: David Brooks
Set Construction: Ray Mulder, Sean Mouton
Hair / Makeup: Emily Verwey
Location Assistant: Evan Dusseljee
Production Assistant: Matt Heidloff
Still Photographer / BTS videographer: Anna Gustafson
Catering / Craft Services: Meghan Bisher
Colorist: Craig Harmer
Title Sequence Designers: Pavel Zertsikel Cassidy Bisher

Visual & Digital Effects VFX: Make Believe Studios
Production Head: Roopal Sinha
VFX Artists: Ankit Mishra & Akhil Moon Bajpai

WKTV, Grand Rapids, Michigan Fletcher Detroit, Gorilla Pictures, Seven’s Paint, Jim Bowen - Precise CNC Companies

“Cutie” Performed by Harry Raderman’s Jazz Orchestra
“Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me” Performed by Harry Raderman’s Jazz Orchestra
“Lovesick - Instrumental” Performed by The Likes Of Us Licensed by The Music Bed, LLC


Copyright © DropDrop Studios

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